Above you will find the Wessex family crest and to the right, the flag of England.  U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt’s descendants married British royalty carrying the Wessex title.  It was the first and only instance British royalty had married a member of the American class structure, the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Contrary to insinuations otherwise, Wallis Simpson, who married Prince Edward in 1937, was not DAR.  Also unlike Prince Edward, the royalty of Wessex never abdicated or renounced their title upon marriage to an American.  The House of Wessex considers the history and relationship between the Roosevelts and British royalty a strength and not a liability, and is proud that Wessex never made the mistake Prince Edward did.  Wessex married into the American class structure, DAR, from the beginning.  Wessex followers and international supporters have demanded the Roosevelt’s line of Wessex be officially recognized as the only hereditarial line to the Wessex title, and this website is thus dedicated to the House of Wessex.

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A Warm Welcome

House of Wessex

Wessex was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom of the West Saxons (Westseaxna rīce)  and can be traced to its royal heirs in the present day.  My parents, the Roosevelts, carried the Wessex title.  As their descendant, I never renounced and also have the hereditarial title of Wessex.